Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Personal Contact Information

In a previous post, I recommended that you ALWAYS gather business cards from people you interview with. It's vital to obtain full contact information and proper title. But what about you? While you have contact information on a resume, the resume is either stored electronically, is lost in a sea of desktop paper work or is sent into the manila folder abyss.

And what about social functions or happenstance meetings? You don't want to give out your business card since that information is tied to corporate email and phone lines. And if you are unemployed, then you haven't even a business card available to you to offer the option of handing it out.

You may want to consider getting a "personal" card. Pick a design, put any information you want on it from cell numbers, social media account access, blogs, personal websites or even links to associations you belong to. You will now always have something you can give - either in an interview or social setting - that will allow people to access your contact information or direct them to sites that help market you.

VistaPrint is a good place to start. They offer free card packages and have an exceptional array of design choices. You can select one of their boilerplate designs or upload your own. I have ordered cards from them and found the quality to be excellent. The cards arrived in under a week.

Check VistaPrint out at

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