Friday, May 22, 2009

Four Steps to Creating a Web Presence from Scratch

I read a pretty good (and brief) common sense article on things to consider when creating your web presence. Of course, Best Practice standards for Twitter are still hotly debated, so point #3 needs to be understood in a broader sense. (For the full Article:

"Claim your name. Before someone else does it, you'll want to "claim your name" on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter."

"Practice prudence. Sree Sreenivasan, a professor of digital media at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, made the decision early on to limit himself to three social-networking sites: Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. "There is just not enough time," he says. "Pick two or three, then cultivate a presence there."

"Choose connections wisely. You'll also want to choose your network carefully; only add people you actually know or with whom you've done business."

"Consistency is key. You'll need to update your profile regularly. "Curate [your online profile] the same way you would curate your one-page résumé," says Mr. Sreenivasan."

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